Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Ole Jaybird" Drennan Sings Country and Gospel

"Ole Jaybird" Drennan
Sings Country and Gospel



Artists Recording Co. # 24533/24534

Side 1 :

Oh Lonesome Me
With Pen In Hand
King Of The Road
I Can't Stop Loning You

Side 2:

Happy Tracks
In The Garden
The Farmer And The Lord
Down By The Riverside
If I Could Help Somebody

Recorded in Akron, Ohio in 1969. The musicians include Ole Jaybird Drennan, Vic Clay, Bobby Rutledge, & Jerry Brightman. Other credits go to Henry Pawlak, Danny Koker, George Younce, Glenn Payne, & Mac Taunton. Side One is country music and Side Two is gospel music. Includes renditions of songs by Don Gibson, Bobby Goldsboro, & Roger Miller.

Jaybird Drennan died in December 2006.
For decades, Jaybird Drennan was synonymous with country music radio in Akron, if not most of Northeast Ohio.

His signature "Howdy, Partner" graced the airwaves for 27 years on Akron country outlet WSLR/1350, which was universally known as "Whistler". And in the years when Cleveland listeners had no access to country music on the radio, he served audiences in that market as well.
[From his obituary found HERE]


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  1. Does anyone know in what studio this was recorded? As a very young man I worked at WSLR with the Jaybird, and I clearly recall recording him singing in our big old-fashioned radio studio on at least one occasion. I think that at the time, there was another studio called "Akron Recording Company" or ARC Records, just up Mill Street from the radio station. I did not know of any other music-recording studios in Akron back then. I also remember tagging along when Jay recorded vocal music at a Cleveland studio, sometime in the 1966-1969 area. At least one of those sessions was a singing commercial for a roast-beef restaurant chain called RoBees. Any further info would be appreciated. Howard Russell spots@admixbroadcast.com