Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Delights on Nite

The Delights

Nite 1034/1035

CP-5253 ~ My One Desire

CP-5254 ~ Please Take My Love

Both sides wr. James Keith and Ben Johnson, Jr.
G & H Music
Produced by Mickey & Rickey


This is a black vocal group. This Rite pressing, according to Jeff Kreiter's Group Collector's Record Label Guide, is the first pressing.

The second pressing is on the same Nite label, with mention of National Pressing & Distribution by Discmaker's Production Company (N.Y.C.) - Nationwide Record Distributors -Discmaker's Group Associate Member [phew!]. Note also that Thomas Keith has taken the place of James Keith in the songwriter credits.

They are not related to these groups, to the best in my knownledge :

- Five Delights on Abel (1959)
- Delitghts on Golden Crest (1962)
- De-Lights on Ad-Lib/Pop Line (1962)
- Delitghts, Chicago garage band on Delaware and Smash (1965)
- Delights on Arlen (1964)

The group was likely from Philly, as the name of publisher, G & H Music (BMI affiliated), is found mainly on the Casino and the Main Line labels, out of Philadephia.

G&H was the publishing arm of Main Line Record Distributing Company, owned by Barry Golder and Douglas Wellington Henderson, better known to his radio audiences in Philly (WDAS) and NY (WOV) as "Jocko."
The Main Line and Casino record labels were owned by the same company.


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  1. Mickey and Rick : see Laurel 1020 (Bob Knight Four)