Monday, July 12, 2010

Beatless on Frontier

picture credit : delmingo [e-bay]


Forest 1901

28495 - Cos You Like To Love Me (Hicks)

28496 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.(King Coffin)


Cover of Hollies b/w cover of the Gerry Goffin and Carole King hit (King Coffin on label!). Both published by Beatless BMI!

The Carl Burkhardt award* is presented to delmingo, Manchester, New Hampshire for his major contribution in the field of Rite Records Researches. Selling this piece of plastic will be his reward.

*The Carl Burkhardt Award is rewarded by the french OUDISPO (Ouvroir de Discographie Potentielle], on a very irregular basis, to anyone who publish "any discovery of record(s) pressed at the Rite Records Pressing Plant hitherto not listed in the usual discographies ».

Nominee for this prestigious international recognition was Jeffrey Lemlich, whose book "Savage Lost : Florida garage bands : The 60’s and beyond", published in 1992 by Distinctive Publishing,Plantation FL, had a chapter devoted to Rite Records :

Here is one of the music industry’s truly amazing stories. Rite was one of the nation’s most prolific pressing plants… that’s the good news. It was also the nation’s least-successful, chart-wide ! Hands down. No competition.

For more than twenty ears, Rite cranked out releases for just about every state in the union. Cheaply. (1.000 singles with a picture sleeve, for as low as $229, way back in 1959 !)

Amazingly enough, Rite had NO HITS, and we’re not just talking national here. I’ve never even seen a REGIONAL hit come from a Rite pressing ! Anywhere ! A ZERO SUCCESS RATE ! Compare that with all the regional SO ,SON, ZTSB smashes. The only thing green Rite ever saw was the musicians they recorded. I’s no wonder some of the crudest garage discs were pressed there. From a collector’s standpoint, Rite lives up to its name. But for anyone who truly wanted a hit, Rite couldn’t have been more WRONG !

But Jeff missed the point that NONE of these artists really wanted success! Any comment, Jeff?


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  1. I think it could be argued that the Nightcrawlers, Wayne Cochran, and the 2/3rds all wanted success, don't you think?

    By the way, the guy who bought the Charisma LP from me a few months ago has it up on eBay right now, with a much higher starting price. I think he's using the same picture I used!