Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blackie Minor (CLW 6572)

Blackie MINOR

CLW 6572

13844 - One Of A Different Kind
13843 - In Memory Of Jim Reeves

Country on Edgewater, Colorado label owned by Jim Ward

Blackie Minor
, after a release on the Denver-based Delft label directed by "Buster" Jenkins in 1964, had several singles on the CLW and at least one LP, with the Floyd Sisters. He was a regular on the Rocky Mountain Jamboree, and certainly had a local fame as one Bettye F. Kendall, 801 E. 14th Avenue, Denver started a fan club for Blackie (see Billboard, October 2, 1965).


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  1. The co-writer of the first side was Lee Pickett, who was a Denver based artist himself. See