Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ken McWilliams & The Twi-Lighters

Ken McWilliams & The Twi-Lighters

Twi Lite 1002 (EP)

26805 - Drums Along Muskegon / Zodiacal Land
26806 - Gentle On My Mind (Featuring Gene Harris) /Picknina Polka (Featuring Don Kirchner)

Twi Lite 1001 - not Rite - issued Ken McWilliam' s "Sax Man Country Style" and "Devil On Death Highway", the latter a song Ken wrote about a dangerous curve on the North side of Big Rapids on old 13.

Twi Lite 1001 has ""Sound Associates Box M Grand Rapids Michigan" printed on label.



  1. Hi, my dad was a state cop in Reed City back in the day and I remember hearing "Devil on Death Highway" on WBRN. I didn't know whose song it was though and have looked on the internet before.

    I'm so excited to read your blog entry about Ken!

    What got me thinking about it tonite was I live in Ann Arbor and recently found out an old townie friend of mine here knew nothing of Commander Cody. I saw Cody's cover of "Hot Rod Lincoln" was voted a "Legendary Michigan Song" (whatever that is), and I thought, "Devil on Death Highway" is a REAL Legendary Michigan Song.

    Thanks for the lead and drive safely!

  2. Don Quinn was the drummer on that record and there is a music store in Big Rapids, Mi, that still bears his name