Friday, June 25, 2010

The Shademen on Verann

The Shademen

Verann JMJ 501

18901 ~ That's Tuff
(Wr M.Moore, Farakin Music BMI)

18902 ~ Sick And Tired Of Waiting

Rite account # 1898

Elyria, Ohio Garage.

This is the second pressing, according to the [very informative] Shademen page :

Al [Geraci] became the band's official manager and the Verann team booked them at Cleveland Recording, where they cut two of Mike Moore's original songs, "Sick and Tired" and "That's Tuff". Mike was the musical leader of the band - he chose and arranged most of the band's songs, in additon to playing keyboards and much of the lead vocals (he's lead on the two recordings). The Kings [Joe and James King] pressed up 500-1000 copies on their Verann label and used their publishing, Farakin music. Al Geraci and the Kings started to push "Sick and Tired" to local radio stations. WWIZ in Lorain gave it steady play, as did WREO in Ashtabula. The record did sell in the Lorain County area, but really took off in Ashtabula, and the Shademen made their way out east for many gigs, including a autograph session and on-air interview/phone call-in with WREO jock Dave Barry. The 45 sold out of the first pressing and a second pressing of 1000 copies was done. A quick trip to the collectors corner - the first pressings have dark blue horizontal lines, while the second pressings have a more sky-blue label and black lines. Steve Olenek had been drafted and left the band shortly before the 45 was recorded.


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