Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lonesome Al Down On the Farm

Gary Roberts

Sterling 734

36501 – Lonesome Al Down On the Farm
(Albert Mullenax & Lew Tobin)

36502 – I Am A Six Wheel Man
(Barbara A. Ellefson & Lew Tobin)

This was found at the Wonderful and the Obscure blog.

Bob Purse, purveyor worldwide of good bad records :

Compared with many of the other song-poem stalwarts, [Gary Roberts] didn't make all that many records. (…) On the other hand, the percentage of his records that score high on the weirdness scale is remarkable.

Here's a good one that might just make your mouth drop open. How could it not be special with a title like "Lonesome Al Down on the Farm".

Hear both sides HERE


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