Friday, June 18, 2010

John B. Moore and Associates

John B. Moore and Associates

Jerome 7361 EP

12821 - Somewhere a Heart is Calling / Only a Rose From Heaven
12822 - A Throne for Love / When it's Blossom Time in Old Caroline


« When It’s Blossom time in Old Caroline » written and published by John B. Moore, Murphy composer and poet, is the theme song of a travel-talk on colorful Western North Carolina, which is now being shown throughout the nation.

The song, which is a favorite of Jimmie Livingston and his orchestra, is at present being considered for inclusion on a famous radio program, according to correspondence Mr. Moore has had with the sponsor.
Mr. Moore is a native of Cherokee County and received his education in North Carolina schools. He has been writing music and poetry for several years. He is a jeweler by trade being engaged in the business in Murphy, North Carolina

(Billboard, April 24, 1943, ad excerpt)


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