Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Key Notes on Lin

CP-1609 ~ Tuff E Nuff, Baby
wr Carl Wrinston, Wilbob Music, ASCAP

Tuff-E-Nuff, Baby …………69
On this side the boys add a vocal as Little Mike sings about a tough Miss who can dance the rock and roll. (Wilbob, ASCAP)
Billboard June 23, 1958

CP-1610 ~ Pyramid [instrumental] SAMPLE
wr Mike Altherr, Queen City Music, ASCAP

Pyramid ……………………71
The Key Notes, an instrumental group, drive this swinging riff all the way with accordion and horn featured. (Queen City, ASCAP)

Billboard probably didn't reviewed this Rite pressing but certainly rather the earlier RCA pressing, as there is a mention of vocalist Little Mike that the Rite issue - pressed in the summer of '58- don't have.

Repro of the first pressing (RCA)

The label was located in Rochester, New-York. The president of Lin Records was Frank J. Conklin, Bob Miketta was the musical director and Lee Alman the arranger.

I have counted three releases only on the label, despite the fact that Conklin announced that he had signed other artists : Janet Shaw (really Janet Shay on Lin 1003?), Kitty Debnar, the Harmony Kings, thrush Pauline Deters, The Piano Lounge Trio, Ray Cormier’s Har Maniacs, the Enchanters...



  1. Hi Bob,
    Despite growing up in Rochester, and collecting the local 45's for over 20 years, I only know of this Key-Notes release, and I have the Janet Shay release. LIN#1003 A) At The Sock Hop B)Summer Rain. Released in 1958, and it appears to be a FINE Records pressing. Vince Jan was the owner of FINE and he pressed many of the local labels. Somehow Lew Douglas was also involved in the local scene. Vassar was a Rochester, NY label partly-? owned by Douglas, and he traveled to NYC often. In any case, Conklin's LIN label has eluded me for years, and I have never found ANY other releases on it. It is that RARE. Cheers! Steve

  2. Dumb question time.

    Do you mean "earlier" RCA record which I have not found


    ealier RCA "custom pressing" of Lin label?


  3. I mean ealier RCA "custom pressing" of Lin label.

    I will add the picture of this pressing in the post.

  4. Thanks Bob.

    I really appreciate the clarification and additional label shot.