Monday, June 7, 2010

Jimmy Singleton & The Royal Satins

Jimmy Singleton
& The Royal Satins
(Accompanied By The Hi-Fis)

Devere 006

CP-2396 - Each Passing Day (RN-48-1)
Wilma R. Lung & Viola Flansburg
Kama Music Publ.

CP-2397 – Sally ( RN-48-2)
Wilma R. Lung, Viola Flansburg and Jimmy Singleton
Kama Music Publ.

Rite account # 146

The Eldaros

Jimmy Singleton was a member of The Five Points (along his uncle Owen Singleton), and of The Eldaros (Vesta Records, '58). Brother of George 'Bebo' Singleton, himself a recording artist (Stentor and Vim Records).

This rare black vocal group record was issued on the Syracuse [J'aimerais tant voir Syracuse] Devere label and on Stan Markowski's Mark label in 1959.


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