Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smiley Weaver on Nightlife

Smiley Weaver

36397 - "Rock-A-Bye" Baby Blues - sample
36398 - What Makes Her Come From Your House To Mine

Label : Nightlife
Producer : David Arthur


"Rock-A-Bye" Baby Blues was penned - and originally sung - by Billy Jack Wills (the youngest brother of Bob Wills) (MGM Records, 1950).

Les Gilliam-Smiley Weaver and Buck Trent - 2004

Smiley Weaver is a famed steel guitarist who has worked with such legends as Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and with both the Johnnie Lee Wills band and the Miller Brothers band.

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  1. Great Blog! Rock-A-Bye-Baby Blues was co-written by pianist Mancel Tierney. Often you will see it credited to Billy Jack and Louis Tierney. This is incorrect. Louis was Mancel's brother and a long time fiddle and sax player for Wills. However, Louis was not in the Playboys 1950, when Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues was written and recorded.