Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Monuments on Dis-Co

The Monuments

Dis-Co 2452

15921 - I Got Another Lover sample 1
15922 - You'll Find The Way sample2

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Al Wilmot

Members of the Monuments included Steve Schwan, Al Wilmot (on bass) and Paul Walrad.

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  1. I wrote these songs and they were recorded at the Backdoor club in Kalamazoo downstairs from the Blue Pooh where we were the house band. And the group that recorded them were Eddie Linenthal on drums, Dick Stricker lead vocals, Al Wilmot (RIP) bass, Steve Schwan on lead guitar and myself Frank'Forest' on rhythm guitar. Find me on Facebook as 'just Forest' and Steve Schwan is on FB as well.