Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lou Millet on Go

Lou Millet & the Western Swingers

Go 200/1

CP-6353 ~ Uncle Earl
CP-6354 ~ A Fallen Angel

Lou Millet was born in 1926 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He learned to play the guitar when was 16 years old and soon formed his own band called "The Melody Ramblers". That band stayed together for about four years and appeared on several radio stations in the area including WLCS and WJBO as well as WLBR in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Lefty Frizzell gave him his first big break and in 1953, he was still associated with Lefty, by fronting the band during one of Lefty's tours.

Lou was with the Standard Oil Company for seven years before getting into the entertainment business.

Previous his Go release (pressed in 1961 by Rite Records), Lou Millet recorded for Feature (51), Columbia (52-54), Ace (55), Ekko (56) and Republic (56).

« Uncle Earl » is a tribute to Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long (1895-1960).

“Uncle” Earl Long was committed to a mental institution following his scandalous involvement with Bourbon Street stripper Blaze Starr and an “incoherent and irrational public outburst” where he denounced opponents and shouted obscenities.

Jay Chevalier’s “The Ballad Of Earl K. Long”), Hollis (The Louisiana Coon Hunter) Albin’s “Uncle Earl Don’t Stand Alone” and Ernie Barton’s “The Battle Of Earl K. Long.” are other Earl K. Long tribute recorded songs.

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