Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kentucky Cut-Ups on Sunset

Kentucky Cut-Ups - Sunset 6119
7909 ~ God Gave You To Me
7910 ~ Blue Ridge Cabin Home

This bluegrass release by the Kentucky Cut-Ups is possibly from Kentucky but can't be certain. It is one of the earliest to have the O/M designation on the label. By 1962, Rite had different sales plans that artists could select from to create and purchase their records. A good possibility is O/M represents one of those plans. O/M could stand for Original Master indicating the artist did not use Rite studios to record their songs but recorded them elsewhere and delivered the masters to Rite. Logically this would have been a less expensive option since it did not include any studio time.

Photos courtesy of Barney Koumis at No Hit Records with special thanks to Malcolm Chapman.

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