Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jim Akins on Marlo 1530

Jim Akins

Marlo 1530

OM 11359 - Walkin’ The Road Of Love

OM 11360 - Answer From Heaven

James David Akins, better known as "Jim Akins," the youngest of three children was born January 6th 1944 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Read more Here.

His second release (of four) on Marlo Records, recorded in Memphis in the Fernwood studio with "The Bill Black Combo" and brass section arranged by Bill Justis. This record got him appearances on Russ Carter's "St. Louis Hop," at KSD-TV St. Louis Missouri and George Kline's "Dance Party," WHBQ-TV in Memphis Tennessee.

Jim Akins, often Presley-ish sounding, has been much overlooked by the music compilers. His only compiled track, according to Rockin' Country Style, is "Floating On A Cloud" which was issued in 1980 on a LP titled "The Other Kings" by Revival Records, OakPark Illinois.

Jim Akins page from the Revival LP book

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