Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jim Eanes on Princess

Princess 1003

27105 - Love's Been Good to Me
27106 - San Diego


Audio of both sides (clips only)

Jim Eanes (young)

Though never considered a major star, Smilin' Jim Eanes was an influential figure in both bluegrass and country music for over five decades. He was born Homer Robert Eanes, Jr. in Mountain Valley, Virginia and received his first guitar at age nine from his banjo-picking father. While young, Eanes suffered an injury to his left hand; despite the difficulty and pain, he still managed to master rhythm guitar. He spent his early teen years playing square dances with his father's informal string band, and at age 16 joined Roy Hall's Blue Ridge Entertainers at a Roanoke radio station, and remained with the band until Hall died in 1943. Following World War II, Eanes joined Uncle Joe and the Blue Mountain Boys. He also worked briefly with Bill Monroe in 1948. ...more
Jim Eanes discography

Jim Richards owned the Princess label. He recorded his artists, who he produced, at Major Recording Co., a studio at Waynesboro, Va. He also owned this.

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