Monday, August 17, 2009

The Parker's Sing Again

Reverend Don And Sharon Parker
The Parker's Sing Again

The Soldier's Prayer
Dear Jesus Abide With Me
Oh Glory Hallelujah
I Cannot Fail The Lord
I'm Looking For Jesus To Come Someday

A Christian Wife
You're Not Home Yet
To The River Of Jordan
It's Not The First Mile
Wasted Years

Address on back cover is : Reverend Don Parker, Box 203, Baxter, West Virginia

From the back cover :

The Parker’s would like to dedicate this record and the song « The Soldier’s Prayer » in remembrance of Paul Goggin who gave his life for his country in Vietnam.

We met Paul and learned to appreciate his dedication to the Lord while conducting a revival in Morgantown, West Virginia where his father, Reverend Julian Goggin, was the pastor.

Paul was a very unusual young man because he not only wanted to be a Christian but he wanted to serve his country too. One day he came home from college and told his father he wanted to join the Marines because he was sick of hearing the fellows at the college protesting the war in Vietnam, and so he became a protestor against them. Paul was a great testimony for the Lord while serving his country in Vienam.

Reverend and Mrs. Goggin have received some wonderful letters from fellow soldiers who were with Paul on the battlefield in Vietnam. Paul is survived by his wife, Shirley Goggin, and a son.


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