Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fabulous Spectaculars

13147 - Boo-Da-Rac-Ka-Sacky
13148 - Take My Love


Produced by Frederick's of Goldsboro, North Carolina.

A-side is a song about some dance by the same name, probably invented by them. The b-side "Take My Love" is an organ ballad.

Member : Denny Sutton (later sang tenor for the Watchman Quartet, Goldsboro, NC).


  1. I grew up in Goldsboro, N.C. and remember when this disc was released. As I remember there was also a picture sleeve with a photo of the band. I was in my first band at the time called The Unknowns (how true!). We were given permission to perform the flip side song Take My Love as a slow song for our sets by band member Bill Stroud of the Spectaculars. Is there any way you could mp3 the flip? I'd sure love to hear it again.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.

    Sorry, I don't own a copy of the record and don't have a mp3 of the flip.