Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ralene Gospel Singers

Nothing Is Better Than Christ

Label : SAS

Group from Xenia, Ohio, label from Dayton, Ohio
Produced by Sammy Stevens

Side one - #32661

1. Nothing Is Better –Lead : Evelyn Clowney
2. Already Been To The Water – Phyllis Seagraves
3. Nothing Can Turn Me Around – Carol Crews
4. Wings Of A Dove –Leads : E .Clowney, P.Seagraves, Curtis Williams

Side two - # 32662

1. I Surrender All
2. Up Above My Head –Lead : Darrell Buford
3. He Knows – Lead : Eleanor Collins
4. Beams Of Heaven –Lead : Evelyn Clowney-Carol Crews

President : Carol Crews
Vice President : Curtis Williams

The Ralene Gospel Singers were organized March 4th 1964. The group is comprised of 22 members of several churches in and around the Xenia-Dayton, Ohio area. The name of the group derived from the combination of the group’s faithful directress and their pianist. Rachel and Charlene are two of the remaining 18 members of the original group. (…) the Ralenes have appeared in small churches and large auditoriums in Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia.

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