Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tommy Roe on Mark IV 1018/1022

Information about the early sides recorded by Tommy Roe before he was signed to ABC-Paramount is somewhat inconsistent.

For example, his first record on Mark IV is not always listed in his discography. As to his second on the Mark IV label (above picture), it's not listed at all. That's this second release that has the picture sleeve (pictures below), NOT the first release. Release number is 1018 (I Got A Girl) on a side and 1022 on the "Pretty Girl" side. ANOTHER TOMMY ROE HIT is stamped in red ink on the label.

My guess is that Cleve Warnock (owner of Mark IV Records and Tommy Roe's manager) re-issued "I Got A Girl" and "Pretty Girl" at some point after the two releases of Judd Records (1018 and 1022), and added a picture sleeve. (#1022 was the last release on Judd, just before the bankrupt of its owner, NRC Records).

Despite the "CP-2622" mention printed on label (just like it was on the first Judd release), I don't think that it was pressed by Rite Records.

That's just speculation, Dear Reader, and (Notice) a picture of the flip side ("Pretty Girl") of this record would be the most welcome!

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  1. Here's that flip for you. Mine doesn't have the rubber-stamping, incidentally.