Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Cavenee Family

LP Songs to Touch Your Heart
Photography by C.R. Haskill, Pontiac, Mich.

Side one
Jesus Is The Answer
I Love Him Too Much
Something Beautiful
Before I Found The Lord
I Don’t Know Why
Side two
I Should Have Been Crucified
There’s Something About That Name
Something Worth Living For
The New 23rd
" This record is the culmination of many years of the Lord’s leading and preparation which began when as teenagers Donna and Bob individually gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Later they were brought together when Donna was camp nurse and Bob was camp counselor at Worralis Christian Life Camp.

After their maririage they enjoyed singing, so it was only natural that their daughters, Becky and Beth, learned to sing and enjoy music at an early age. The first family singing sessions were in the car during various vacation trips.

Now as teenagers, Becky and Beth have also given their lives to Christ and joined theiur parents in using their talents for His service.

As the Cavenee’s sing, « Jesus is The Answer For The World Today » they know by experience the truth of the song. He has been the answer to the searchings and the problems of their lives individually. Jesus has been the bridge between the generation gap faced by every family. He has continually been making » Something beautiful » of their lives.

Their prayer is to be faithful to the Lord ‘s leading and that this record will bless and challenge the hearts of all those who listen to claim Christ as Lord of their lives. "
Recorded at Rite Record Studios
Recording engineer: Phil Burkhardt.

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