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Chuck Edwards, Rene and Punch labels

Chuck Edwards and Irene, his wife

Charles Edward Edwins was born in 1927 in Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh or Philadelphia?). He started playing guitar professionally in the late 40’s, eventually joining up with the Sonny Thompson Band (with whom he made his first record ‘Harlem Rug Cutter’). He recorded for Duke, Apollo and Alanna in the fifties

By 1960 he was back in the Pittsburgh suburb of Canonsburg, playing, recording and working in a steel mill to help pay the bills.

He founded his own label, Rene (named for his wife Irene), and for the next six years recorded and released records under his own name, and backing others.

Rene label discography :

Rene 1151 - Phil Lipari and the Chuck Edwards band
Please Come Back b/w Later for You Darling by (1962)
Rene 1152 - Chuck Edwards
Shake Baby Shake b/w Come On Babe

Rene 5050- Chuck Edwards
I Don’t Want No Company b/w Do Right Baby (1965)

Rene 7001 - Chuck Edwards
Bullfight b/w Chuck Roast (1966) (picked up for national release by Roulette)

Above releases 62-66, King & RCA custom pressings.

Below, 68-69 Rite pressings :

Rene 1008
The Prisners Dream

20601 - Autumn Days
20602 - You're the One I Really Love
"Garage. Strong Rising Storm / Velvet Undergound vibe in 'Autumn Days' which is a fantastic sombre and moody garage track with fine guitar break. The B Side is a similar midtempo track.
"Not yet comped.

Punch 11001 (a subsidiary of Rene Records)
Chuck Edwards

21107 - Downtown Soulville
21108 - I Need You

Rene 20010
Maria Sacco

21109 – Rock n’ Roll Postman
21110 - Dollys Are For Kids

Rene 20012
Melodie Martin

21997 ~ In The Shadows of Your Past
21998 ~ I Hardly Think About You Anymore

Rene 20013
Chuck Edwards

22941 – Bullfight #2
22942 - Pick It Up Baby (Your Love’s Slowing Down)

Billboard ad, October 1968

- o - o - o -

In 1972 Chuck Edwards packed up his family and moving to the San Francisco Bay area, living in a motel for the first several months. It was there that the Edwards family became the band The Edwards Generation. By the mid-70’s they released at least one 45 (‘School Is In’ b/w ‘Someone Like You’ on Ghetto), and a full length LP. His sons, Les and Jeff, played in the Edwards Generation.
Acknowledgements : most of the Chuck Edwards information above came from a biography found HERE where much details and appreciation of the artist can be found.



  1. Nice write up on Chuck Edwards I live in south western Pa. I am trying to find more info on Edwards. He owned a record store in Washington Pa. in the late 1960's I have been told.

    1. Thank you for your Comment on my Dad, Chuck Edwards. I am one of the members of the family group, "The Edwards Generation" (Bassist, Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist), which Dad founded in the late 60s. "Pops" owned "Chuck's Record Shop" on Jefferson in Canonsburg, PA.

      Not long after forming "The Edwards Generation" (family band) Pops booked the band in Greenwich Village (New York) at "Top of the Gate" and "Bitter Inn", as well we performed at Lincoln Center, corner of Columbus and Amsterdam.

      While in New York city we landed a recording deal with an Indie label (Ghetto Records) then owned by hit songwriter/entertainer Joe Bataan

      We recorded 2 sides "Someone Like You" which I sing lead on and features adlibs by Pops. The other side is called "School Is In".

      Not long after, the entire family relocated to Northern California, still residing there to this day (my sister lives in Texas). Sadly, Pops passed from 4th Stage lung cancer in 2001 in Walnut Creek, California at Kaiser Hospital.

      "The Edwards Generation" are on Facebook:

      Mom: Irene Edwins

      Brother: Ron Edwins

      Brother: Jeff Edwins

      Brother: Les Edwins

      Sister: Charlene Edwins

      * Our family has just completed production and mastering on a new compilation album of Chuck Edwards songs from the 50s, 60s, and 90s (including a Bonus track that features the family performing a new production of "Energy" by Chuck Edwards).

      I am currently producing an Audiobook about my father's life. The audiobook is in his own words and will include his original music.

      Stay tuned for updates:

      Follow me:





      Myron Edwins

  2. Chuck Edwards is my dad. Sadly, he passed in 2001. For additional information regarding "Pops" (my father) and his family, please feel free to contact Myron Edwins by email at:

    I was wondering, do you have a clean copy of "School Is In" b/w "Someone Like You"? I am the original lead singer (and bassist) on that 45 single.

    1. NOTE: My email address has been updated. My new email is

      Thanks to DJ/Historian Jay Malls I now have a pristine 45 single of "Someone Like You"!

  3. I'm almost certain this is the same man I spent an amazing afternoon hanging out with on the bay in San Francisco in 1999. He was sat on a wall playing the guitar and singing. I stopped in my tracks and sat by him to listen another guy soon did the same and the three of us shared a beer and he played for us all afternoon. I bought his tape and also played guitar to him he told me 'you got the funk but you gotta woodshed!' So sad to hear he passed away a couple of years later. We got him to play 'sitting on the dock of the bay' (where we were sat) it was a magical moment I'll never forget!

    1. Yes, Miss Cecily, that was the same guy(Chuck Edwards) who you hanged out with on the Bay in San Francisco. You can e-mail Irene Edwins(Chuck Edwards's wife.