Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bill Stamper on Loy

Loy 100

Bill Stamper

14105 - Let It Rock
14106 - High School Dance

"Let It Rock" is a primitive cover of the Chuck Berry tune. "High School Dance" is a cover of the Sonny Bono-penned song (Larry Williams, Specialty Records)

The record is listed in the Rockin' Country Style.

Winchester, Kentucky label owned by Wm. Stamper himself who released at least two other singles :

102 Ray Watts & The Questions :
Till The Mets Win The Pennant/ I Had To Keep My Eye On You

103 Otis Johnson And The Sound Of Soul :
UK4M-6x72 I’m Not A Fool/Crying Over You

There was a single on REM Records credited to Bill Stamper, but it's not him :
Rusty York remembers going to King to record his swampy version of Jimmy Reed’s 1960 blues hit, " Baby What You Want Me To Do ", and a rocked-up version of " Molly Darlin’ ", a Victorian-era ballad writen by Will Hays that became a hit for Eddy Arnold in 1948. Rusty, though, didn’t have the money to put it out, so he took it to Bob Mooney at Rem Records in Lexington, Kentucky. […] Mooney said he had a guy under contract, Bill Stamper, who couldn’t sing very well, and he issued the single under Stamper’s name.
[Colin Escott, liner notes to Rusty Rocks, Bear Family CD]



  1. "Rpckin' Country Style" link updated

  2. This is actually the same artist as on REM. Stamper lived in the Lexington area and was associated with various times with Cecil Jones' Lemco label and others. There is another LOY release as well #101 Bill Stamper and the Questions - Royal Blood / I Never Thought I'd See the Day from 1966 (RCA Matrix T4KM. I have seen and played this single, too, but do not own it. It is in a friend's collection and he knew Bill Stamper well. His REM record was from '64 so even if Mooney had him under "contract" which I doubt knowing what I know about Mooney, this would probably have expired in time for him to do his own thing.

  3. Bill Stamper was my grandfather, he passed away when I was 10 and we have just learned about his records. if anyone knows where i could get them i would greatly appreciate the information. as for the rude comment "he couldn't sing very well" That doesnt make alot of sense since he had several songs on some pretty big collector cds now. NOT APPRECIATED at all!!

  4. Bill Stamper is my grandfather and I do NOT appreciate your rude comment about he couldn't sing very well. If he couldnt sing he would not have had several labels and songs would he? To anyone who has Bill Stampers records I would love to get some or find out where i could buy them. my grandfather passed away when i was 10 and we have just now learned about his records and singing.

  5. astamper,

    "The rude comment" isn't mine :

    I've quoted Colin Escott who quoted Rusty York who quoted Bob Mooney.

    That said, I can undestand your anger. If you have your own stories to share about your grandfather, I would be happy to publish them here.

  6. Hello All. This Bob Stamper, William Stamper's Son. After realizing that Dad's music was still out there being played and listened to all over the world, I have revived his record label - LOY Records as a dba of my business. I have setup two web sites:, and I would love to hear stories or other info anyone has as well. So far I have acquired the rights to distribute the Royal Blood, I Never Thought I would see the Day single and will hopefully release others soon (digitally of course).