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The Mystics on Future Talent

The Mystics

13893 ~ Ooh Poo Pah Doo
J.Hill, Minit Music Co.

13894 ~ Snoopy
C.Jim, Marve-N-Harve Music Pub. Co.

A Rose-Givens-Masan Production

Box 469, Waverly, Virginia
Division of Talent Music Ent..

February 1965

This was issued previously on the Black Cat label in 1964.  The Mystics were from Tallahassee, Florida.   They had a further 45 on Orchid as by Many Others  : "(Tell Me Why) I'm Alone  / Can I Get A Witness".   
The Black Cat issue has no producer credited while the second issue on Future Talent credit three producers : Rose, Givens and Masan. 

"Snoopy" is a reinterpretation of The Vibrations R&B hit "My Girl Sloopy" (Atlantic Records, April 1964).   Songwriter credit was changed to C. Jim and assigned to Marve-N-Harve Music Pub. Co.  It was perhaps intentional so it could be credited as an original composition or perhaps simply a mistake (?) :  Marve-N-Harve Music was the exclusive publishing arm of Mida Records*, a Miami label, for which Curley Jim recorded "Sloppy Susie", a title only slighly similar.   But in 1964 the label was no more.
(*) Mida Records was owned by hillbilly singer  "Uncle Harve" (Harve Spivey) and by Johnny Lomelo, first manager of Sam & Dave, owner of the King Of Hearts Club and.a good friend of mobster Dick Cami,
It's rumored that "Snoopy" by The Mystics was a minor hit in Akron, Ohio where the McCoys heard it and recorded the tune (as "Hang On Sloopy"), turning it into a big commercial success.

Prewitt Rose [Rose, one of the three producers] was only 19-year old when in October 1960,  he produced Ral Donner's "Girl Of My Best Friend" along with three other tracks, at The Fox Talent studio in Orlando. Co-producer Jan Hutchins managed to place the record with George Goldner's Gone label in New York City and the result was a #19 hit in the spring of 1961.
Prewitt Rose produced many groups and artists, including Pat Boone, The Sunday Funnies, Mike Smith, Mouse and the Traps, Randy Starr, Smith and Morales, Purvis Pickett, The Rats, The Mystics, Randy Ream, and even porn actress Hyapatia Lee.   He also owned several record labels, including Orchid of Memphis, Black Orchid, SRO, Sitting Bull, Smudge, as well as Pocket Money Productions.

First issue on the Black Cat label (1964)

Ooh Poo Pah Doo


Credit : Black Cat audio files converted from YouTube (CheesebrewWaxArchive channel)

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