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Hoodoo / The High School Chanters (Fashion Records)

CP-2456 - Hoodoo The Voodoo
(Jack Morrow, Glendell Music Inc. BMI)

The High School Chanters
CP-2457 -  Teenage Chant 
(Jack Morrow, Glendell Music Inc. BMI)

Fashion Records #001

November 1959

Probably a Ft. Worth (or Dallas) recording intended to be pressed by the brand new National Recording Co. pressing plant of Atlanta, which apparently was not quite ready to handle the promised custom business and had to resort to an external plant,  as it happens, Rite Records of Cincinnati. 

Jack Morrow, writer of "Hoodoo The Voodoo," had penned two BMI award winning songs : "For Rent" (Sung by Patsy Cline) and "That's Why I Love You Like I Do"  (Sonny James).  Glendell Music published several songs penned by him.

Billboard (November 2, 1959) announced the formation of Glendell Music, a new C&W label :
Glendell Music, Fort Worth, has Artie Glenn as president; Darrell Glenn, vice-president, and Marvin Montgomery, secretary-treasurer.  The new record firm is slated to announce its first release soon, with "Crying" occupying one of the sides.
Glendell Music as publishing company was formed earlier and had a number of profitable songs. Glendell published "Percolator," (written by Jack Morrow) which was the B-side of the Boots Randolph hit "Yakety Sax".

Anyway the Glendell Music label as such never was, but instead there was a Fashion label which released only a handful of equally obscure records by Darrell Glenn (60), The Smith Brothers (62), Homer Lee (63), Jack and the Rippers (64) and Artie Glenn (66).  There was also "So You Want To Write A Song", a educational LP published in 1972 by Artie Glenn.

In 1960, Fashion Records issued "Take Time To Be Happy" by Darrell Glenn after he left the NRC label.  Or rather re-issued, as the record was first released in 1957 by the unknown LuLu Records of Hollywood.   The single was followed by "Hoo Doo The Voodoo" on Robbie 101.  Same title as the Rite-pressed Fashion 45, but different song, penned by D.Glenn and J.B. Robertson (hence the label's name Robbie ?)  and published by Downey Music Pub.

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