Friday, January 17, 2014

Ada Larck

Ada Leona Hicks married Robert E. Larck in 1948.   They resided in Troy, Ohio where Robert worked all his life for the City Transfer.   He played drums in the Blue Diamonds band. 

Ada released 3 singles between 1965 and 1967.  Besides being the vocalist and leader, she also wrote all the songs.


Blue Diamonds
15035 – Be My Honey (Ada Larck, Mega City Music BMI)
15036 - You're Gone Again (Ada Larck, Mega City Music BMI)
Top Ten 501

Ada Larck and the Blue Diamonds
17933 There's Gonna Be Heartbreak (A.Larck, Airway-BMI)
17934 Will I Ever Learn (A.Larck, Airway-BMI)
Jalyn 310
Ada Larck and the Blue Diamonds
19269 – In My Dreams (Jaclyn - BMI)
19270 – Go, Go, Go (Jaclyn - BMI)
Jalyn 313

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  1. Robert passed away in July, 2007. Ada still resides in Troy, Ohio as of May, 2014. Charlie Sayre(*or maybe Sayer) was on the Steel Guitar. Earl Roach was the whistler.