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Ray R. Jones

 Ray R.Jones
Picture from a record sleeve 
(credit : 45cat)

666 is the number of the beast according to the Book of Revelation.  It's also the diabolic number of songs that wrote Ray Richard Jones according to the BMI database.  

Ray Jones (born in 1933) had his first recordings in 1962/1963 for Skoop Records, a Nashville label owned by Ray Scrivener.   He played and toured with his band (Golden Nugget, Showboat Club in Las Vegas) before returning home to raise his family.  Always kept on writing songs, he established his own recording studio in his Lamar, Indiana hometown, recording himself or other artists, for his own Quest/Sound Quest labels or for various other "indie" country labels such as Cajun (Lakeland, Florida), E.H. King (Santa Fe, Texas), Ho, Ho, Ho-Kus and Music Room (Richland, Indiana), Lu-Tex (Red Rock, Texas),  Sollie Sunshine (Pensacola, Florida), Starr and TSC (Des Plaines, Illinois), Sun-Ray (Lexington, Kentucky), Wagon Wheel (Georgetown, South Carolina), Woodrich (Rogersville, Alabama).

There is a homemade video on Youtube from 1991 featuring Ray Jones and family, featuring his son Marty singing "Blue Suede Shoes". link

Quest LAV1001/2
Ray Jones
25041 — Hello Old World (R.Jones-B.Irwin, Jacks Music BMI)
25042 —Snakes In My Boots (R. Jones-Q. Abraham, Sure Fire Music BMI) 

Sound Quest LA500
Randy (Hotdog) Sloger and Don Cartwright
35321 —Colorado On My Mind (Randy Sloger, Salute Pub. Co. BMI)
35322 —Be Careful Of The Words You Speak 


Sound Quest LA9002
Vocal : Ray Jones / Music : The Country Kings
36529 — Brilliant Little Girl
36530 —No Foolin' Margie (Billl Freed, Salute Publ. Co.)       
Prod. By Bill Freed

Wagon Wheel 007
Wagon Wheel Records, Rte. 1, Georgetown, SC 29440
Ray R. Jones
36647 —What Must I Do (To Prove My Love For You), Jack Redick, Dutch Holland   
36648 — Pushin' Out One, And Pullin' Two Back    Jack Redick,  T. Leila Redlick   
Produced by T. Leila Redick, Las Vegas, Nev.
Recorded at Sound Quest, Lamar, Ind.


Starr 204
Starr Records, 217-7500 Elmhurst Road, Des Plaines, Ill. 60018

Ray Jones And The Melody Kings 
36773 —Truck Drivin' Team (Luther Robinson, Royal Star Pub.
36774 —It's Just Me  (Tom Tharp-Eugene Stierle, Royal Star Pub.       
Produced By Ray Jones

Also pressed by Rite Records

Starr 205
Ray Jones And The Melody Kings       
36775 —Wake Up America/
36776 —Wonderful World   

TSC 205
Distr. by Starr Records, P.O. Box 1037, Des Plaines, Ill. 

Ray Jones And The Melody Kings
38801 —That Polka Dot Dress  (Mae B. Van Zandt, Star Bound Pub. Co. ASCAP
38802 —Thank You God   

TSC 201 
Ray Jones And The Melody Kings
38803 — Chains That You Can't See
38804 — His Wine Or My Roses  
Sound Quest LA1008 
Vocal Ray Jones / The Country Kings
39291 — You're The Only One, (writter [sic] Jim Young, Royal Starr Pub. BMI)
39292 — Melissa
Produced By Jim Young   

Ray Jones And The Country Kings
39937 — I Remember
39938 — Mom's Last Letter          

TSC 305  
Ray Jones With The Melody Kings 
40157 — Salute To Elvis  (wr. Dorothy Carlson)
40158 — Go Grandpa Go.

Ray Jones other records

not Rite pressings or unknown pressings



101444 — Ballad Of Jack Narczewski / Morrow And The Cloud Babies (1986)

E H King

17 —Make Mine Country /  Where Your Heart
 ? — The Indie Crowd / ?
62 —Drunk Cowgirls Dig Me (found on a New-Zealand radio playlist here)

Ho, Ho, Ho-Kus/ Ho-Kus

Ray Jones And The Melody Kings
120 —Pushin' Out One & Pullin' Back Two / Big Bull Moose
122 —Music City You Really Have My Heart  / ? (mentions artists)
U-23020 — Rockin Santa Claus /  Why Can't It Be Christmas All The Time


Ray (Railroad) Jones & The Melody Kings ? —Texas Chief And The Tennessee Squaw ; Tender Surrender  (1981)

Ramblin Ray Jones (Prod. Gradie Voigt)
444 —Left Over Love / The Pain (1978)

Ramblin Ray Jones
778 —That Old Fashioned Way /  A Thousand Times

Music Room

Ray Jones And The Melody Kings
HJ 48  —Queen Without A Crown /? (1984)
(U 122216) —Shake A Leg Gals / Diana    1984

Sollie Sunshine

Ray R. Jones
— We're The Old Folks Now  / We Had It All (1985)
— Going Down On The Farm / Don't Follow The Fools (Who Follow The Rules). (1986)
— The Auction / I Just Came Here To Thank The Lord Again (1987)
— The Long Black Wall : (Tribute To The Vets Of Vietnam) ; These Old Cigarettes (1988)

Note : Owner of Sollie Sunshine Records was Fred Everett Sollie (1918-1999), a Pearl Harbor survivor and active member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, serving as the Secretary at the time of his death and as president in the past.  


Ray Jones & The Melody Kings
— Dreams Of Our Past / My Chains Of Yesterday (Starr 1011) With Madonna Reis
— I'm Glad I Belong To You / I'd Be Nothing Without (Starr 30135, not Rite)
— You're Playin' The Cheatin' Game / ?    (Starr P 101)

TSC (Tomorrows's Songwriters Club)

Ray Jones And The Melody Kings
— Getting Into Country LP 1023

Woodrich (90's)

Ray R. Jones
—If I Were To Fall In Love (wr. Frank Kiley) .  ?


Note : 
Most, if not all these records are "vanity" recordings.  This list is certainly far to be complete.  For instance, Ray Jones has recently recorded 2 CDs of songs all composed by Eileen Richardson, an old english lady :
EILEEN RICHARDSON has written the words and music of 375 songs, of which only 29 have been recorded so far.   She would really love to hear from anyone who would be interested in singing, recording or promoting any of her songs.

Eileen was born in 1928 on the south coast of England, where she has lived almost all of her life. It was not until she was 37, and going through a difficult time in her life, that she started writing songs...

from UKCountryRadio.com


  1. I found one of Ray R's 45s last summer and posted both sides this past December (Christmas songs.) They are both pretty mediocre at best, but there is a certain charm with stuff like this.

    Check em out:



  2. Ray has another Sun-Ray 45 release SR-153 - Rite press - Ray Jones and the Melody Kings - 39309 Answer His Call / 39310 I Alone Will Answer Lord - It is in a friend of mine's collection. Only copy I've seen. He has the other Sun-Ray as well. Nice writeup. Shawn

    1. I have just acquired a copy of this on a white Sun-Ray label, and in excellent condition. This is the only mention I can find of this record.