Friday, January 6, 2012

Thomas Mitchell on Flash

Thomas Mitchell

CP-5031 - Conscience Let Me Be
CP-5032 - I'm A Wise Ole Cat

Flash Records #108

Offered on eBay (12 hours left). I've seen it listed in Rockabilly Price Guides with an estimate value between 40 and 60 US dollars. However, I believe that this is an underestimated value... We'll see very soon. (the copy offered is in VG shape).

I've never seen before a label shot of this rare Fernwood Records custom recording. Rockin' Country Style lists the record and gives a Tyler, Texas address, which is certainly wrong.

"I'm A Wise Ole Cat" has been compiled a number of times, including by Stomper Time (Stomper Time STCD7, 1998) Fernwood Rockabillies. Its liner notes has this comment :

Thomas Mitchell also seems to have recorded his marvellous 'I'm a Wise Old cat' sometime in 1960. Immensely popular on the European Club Scene, this track has been 'Bootlegged' on a number of occasions. It's a steaming 'Rocker' in the best Memphis tradition with great instrumental breaks. Issued on Flash records, Thomas Mitchell seems to have been just that--a flash in time, Two Minutes and Fifteen Seconds of Rockabilly Heaven and gone! We do know that Thomas came from Shreveport, Louisiana, played the Hayride & made one tasty 45 for Mercury 'Little Mama/Jukebox help me find my Baby'.

The above information has at least one mistake : Tommy Mitchell on Mercury is a different artist. He was a Tom Fleeger protégé from Texas (or Shreveport?), appearing on various shows in Dallas « Saturday Night Shinding » , "Big D Jamboree" etc.

According to my research, Thomas Mitchell real name is likely Thomas Mitchell May, born on 07/03/1922 and died on 09/01/1999. Thomas May is buried in the cemetery: Mt Zion Cemetery , located in Independence, Ms.

If my assumption is correct he is the same Thomas Mitchell May who operated the Flash label out of Senatobia, Mississippi.

Flash Records discography
Senatobia (Ms.)

Publisher : Kingdom Music BMI

1550 Alvin Stone
Naggin' Woman / Don't Take My Love For Granted

1551 Thomas Mitchell with Shirley & Joe Music by the Country Lads
If It Had Not Been For You / Floor Walking

1552 Brothers Five
Just A Little Talk With Jesus/No Tears In Heaven

1553 Hank Mizell - Jim Bobo With The Brothers Five
Ramshackled Homestead / Little Bill's Goodbye

1553 Kingbeats (1964)
I've Been A Bad Boy / I'll Tell My Mama On You

1554 The Phantoms (1965)
Workin Tired / Gonna Be Nice Tonight

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  1. Flash (TX) 45 - 101 Ferrell Brothers With Terry & Ann Oh! Moon (1961) would make this TX correct however The Label is diff with Flash smaller. The Flash on this looks more like Flash (CA) but that would make this (1955)

  2. The Flash (MS) Label is FL "The A is a radio Pylon Shape with sound waves out of the top" SH not like the Thomas Mitchell 45. BJ's guide has it as (TX) (1963)

  3. Flash (TX) 45 - 105 Dale Lay has a diff label again

    Do you know which Flash & issue number for : Jimmy Robertson & The Melody Men - So Long, I'm Gone? Thanks Dean

  4. Flash (TX)
    100 Roscoe Anderson - Hillside Farm
    101 Ferrel Brothers - Oh! Moon
    103 Randy Roberts - Sugar
    105 Dale Lay - Country Style Twist
    108 Thomas Mitchell - I'm A Wise Old Cat
    112 Sheryl Crowley - It Ain't To Play With

  5. >Do you know which Flash & issue >number for : Jimmy Robertson & The >Melody Men - So Long, I'm Gone? >Thanks Dean

    Produced by Jimy Robertson and John C. Randisi. Label is black w/ white print has no address. Number is 1 (one).

    The address has to be found on another pressing (cream label, w/ Black print, which has no number) : Hollywood, California. Same timing for the song and same writer credited : Jimmy Robertson! No mention of J.C. Randisi.