Monday, January 9, 2012

The Runaways (Fiesta Recording)

The Runaways

18575 - It's Alright (Jackson, Tubbs) / Hello Stranger (Lewis)
18576 - Daddy's Home

A Fiesta recording
Engineer : Doug Clark
Produced by Jerry Boss

For The Benefit of Amy Brousseau

[ January 1967 ]


Recorded by Doug Clark in his own studio located in East Hartford, CT.

The Fiesta studio [Rite client account #331 and later #1829] was where recorded :

-The Blue Echoes (Bristol & BEP labels),

-Jerry Boss
- producer of the Runaways - and Jerry & the Del-Fi's (Hound label),

-The Bends
(Rebel label),

-The Young Men
(on Tyrant Gold),

-the Paul Praetz Trio
(of Salem, Massachusetts)

and probably several others.

Who was Amy Brousseau? and who were the Runaways ? We may never known.


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