Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Invictors on Bee

The Invictors
Music by The Royal Dukes

7987 - I'll Always Care For You (RA 1)
(Elijah Johnson, B & G Music Co. BMI)

7988 - I Don't Wanna Go (RA 2)
(Edwards-Barbour, B & G Music BMI)

Bee 1117

[ 1962 ]

The Invictors were a mixed group : 3 white and 2 black members. Following the breakup of the Honeybees, vocalist Barry Boswell met Ray Edwards of the Silhouettes, who was living in Reading from 1944 to 1956. By 1962, the Silhouettes had become loosely organized, and Edwards had been performing on his own. The three white members of the group were brothers Bill and Gene Yuhas, and Bobby Rohrbach on baritone. Bee 1117 was their sole release and featured Gene Yuhas on the A-side, « I’ll Always Care For You. » The flip was written by Ray Edwards’s daughter, and features Edwards on the lead. Also credited for the songwriting is Barbour, Grover Barbour, owner of Bee Records located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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