Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carl Story And His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet on Gospel Recording Service

Carl Story And His Rambling Mountaineer Quartet


Get In Line Brother
Don't You Love Your Daddy
In The Garden


Follow Him
Are You Walking And Talking For The Lord
Working On A Building

Gospel Recording Service
P.O. Box 226
Richmond Dale, Ohio 45673

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A story of Bluegrass pioneer Carl Story can be found HERE.

Gospel Recording Service was owned by Ray Anderson.

In 1961 Ray Anderson quit playing with the Osborne Brothers and the following year he became a born again Christian. Ray Anderson formed his own label, GRS (Gospel Recording Service), "a Christian Studio for Christian People".while still a pastor at a church in Richmond Dale, Ohio. The label also had a subsidiary, Victory, which he managed as well until 1969.

Ray Anderson obituary :

Rev. Raymond L. Anderson, age 86, of Camden, OH, died Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at his residence. Born on June 18, 1924 in Richwood, West Virginia he was the son of the late Jesse A. & Bessie Anderson. Ray was a U.S. Army W.W. II Veteran and had been a pastor & bishop for 56 years. Currently he was serving as the pastor of Roosevelt Church of God in Cincinnati, OH for the past 26 years. His radio program, Country Camp Meeting, was on WCNW Radio in Fairfield, OH. He was an Honorable Kentucky Colonel. Preceded in death by his first wife: Maxine Anderson and a Son: Larry Anderson in 2003.

Don't You Love Your Daddy


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  1. Does anybody out there have a copy for sale of this Carl Story record? I'm looking for one!