Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mary White (Cowtown 804)

Mary White

CP 4667 ~ Christmas Bells
CP-4668 - Rudolph Pouts

Cowtown 804

According to Phil Milstein : "Cowtown Records was a hybrid vanity/song-poem concern operated by John W. Stephenson. It's not entirely clear which of their releases fall into which category." This record belongs without the shadow of a doubt to the "song poem" category.

Both songs were written by Dennis Tenney whose several songs are listed in the ASPMA discography :

  • Lost My Man / Goody Goody Gonna Love (Belle Meade Records, 1960)
  • I Love Two Men (Tropical 220 (LP "Betty Bond Sings Pop")
  • Dream West Virginia (Preview 2326)
[Record found at Diggin' It, a Westex blog, HERE]

Dennis Tenney, who traces his ancestry back to the time of William the Conqueror, was born in Ten Mile, West Virginia, in 1897. As his mother became a widow when he was very young, he became acquainted with responsibility early in life. He started to work at the age of twelve, and a fourteen had his own business. Bad health and lack of money slowed down his schooling, but Mr. Tenney eventually received his master’s degree in social science from Denver University.

Mr. Tenney has been a preacher, salesman, probation officer and real estate broker. Real estate management provided him with financial security and later the leisure to return to his early interest, the writing of poetry.


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