Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Fortunes on Ransom

5 Fortunes

CP-3967 ~ You Are My Love
CP-3968 ~ Time Out For Love

Ransom Records # 103

Interviewed about the 5 Fortunes, Morris Wade -who also recorded for the label- said : "
They were in the military. They were stationed at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Columbus. We were all friends and socialized some, but I can’t remember their names."
That's all we known about this Columbus black vocal group. A copy of this extremely rare record is currently auctioned at eBay. If you are interested, hurry up : only 3 hours left... Highest bid : $419.00

The three previous releases on the label (including the #100 issued on the misspelled Ranson Records) were pressed by King Records of Cincinnati.

Black entrepeneur Howard Ransom owned the label in Columbus, Ohio. He later relocated to Los Angeles where he operated the Nanc, Lilly and Lulu labels, with James L.Turner.

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  1. Finished at $1,378.23 for a battered copy rated G. What recession. Hate to think what a mint un-played one would sell for.