Saturday, December 3, 2011

Everett Spears on Epto

B&W label picture
(original color unknown)

Everett Spears

15767 - Truck Driving Man
15768 - All Of My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers

Epto Records

Label scan and sound file are from Collector CD 4469 "Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 4".


  1. But if he bothered to reply he would mistit
    Eit rock instead of twist or do some other deliberate typo. Lol

  2. Does matrix number mean issue is 1965? I can never understand rite dating

  3. Yes, mx number means 1965 pressing. See Rite mx dating guide here :

  4. The song on the other side was: All my friends are going to be strangers.

    Label EPTO = Everett, Perry, Teddy, O...not sure

    Where did you find this Bob?