Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Charlie Conrad With the Black Mountain Boys on Spec

Charlie Conrad
With the Black Mountain Boys

CP-1172 ~ Dizzy Love

CP-1173 ~ Night Club Blues

Spec Records #125


Rockin' Country Style gives Pacific Grove, Ca. as location of Spec Records. This information is incorrect, I believe :

The source of the information is indicated as "Billboard news item". Indeed Spec Records was among the list of new records label published by Billboard, but that was in its February 2, 1959 issue. The only known release on the 1959 California Spec label was Staten Johnson " Where No One Has Tears / Joaquin Murieta" (Spec 101).

So the search of the location for this Spec Records is still open...

I've found nothing about Charlie Conrad.

There is some tantalizing references on the web to Walter Hensley playing in 1956 in a rockabilly band called The Black Mountain Boys in the Baltimore area. Same band perhaps?

Label pictures are from Rockin' Country Style, MP3s from "Country Hicks Vol.1 [Bark Log CD]



  1. or Floyd Sam & The Black Mountain Boys (KY) (date unknown)
    Lanie Walker & The Black Mountain Boys (DE) (1956/7/8)
    Tom Hyatt & The Black Mountain Boys (NJ) (Date unknown)
    Gene Christian With Frank Hunter & The Black Mountain Boys (TN) (1952)

    I thought The Black Mountains were here in Powys Wales UK?

  2. The band name was very common back then, there's a good chance this is a completely different one. There were also Black Mountain Boys on WLBC in Muncie, Indiana.