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Second Edition on Grass

Second Edition

The sounds of

Side one - 30849

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Lennon-McCartney)
Norwegian Wood (Lennon)
Dixie Breakdown
Love Come Home (Reno & Smiley)
Little Bessie
Early Morning Rain

Side Two - 30850

I've Just Seen A Face (McCartney)
Train 45 (Monro)
Charlie Lawson (Trad.)
Shruckin' The Corn (Scruggs)
Happy Together (The Turtles)
Stars In My Crown

Grass 10001


Rite account # 4094

Recorded in R&R Studios
P.O. Box 1271
Bottom Road
Mt. Airy, N.C. 27030

Dixie Breakdown

Back cover transcription :

Organized in August, 1972, The Second Edition plays a wide variety of bluegrass music from « Little Bessie » to « Norwegian Wood ». The band changed their style of music and started playing a more progressive bluegrass. They convert the sound of many rock songs and rearrange ole time bluegrass numbers into their own style of bluegrass music ; thus, The Sounds Of The Second Edition.

The Second Edition has won countless tropheys, ribbons and awards. They are open for bookings and can be reached by phoning Jimmy Haley (919) 351-3140, or by writing Jimmy at the following address :
Jimmy Haley
The Second Edition
Route 2
Westfield, N.C. 27053
Louis Purtle born September 13, 1954 has been playing bluegrass since 1970. Before playing with The Second Edition, he played with the bluegrass Buddies. Louis sings tenor and lead and plays bass on this album.

Jimmy Haley who was born January 19, 1965, won World Champion Guitar at Union Grove in 1969 while playing with the bluegrass Buddies. On this album he plays lead guitar and sings tenor, baritone and lead.

Jim Smith born February 12 ; 1952, changed from playing rock music to bluegrass in early 1971. On this album he plays rhythm guitar and sings lead and bass.

Jeff Hooker who was born June 15, 1955, has been playing the mandolin for 7 years. He currently olds the 1972 World Champion Mandolin title at Union Grove. Prior to his playing with the Second Edition, he played with the Bluegrass Buddies. Jeff sings baritone.

Hersie McMillan who was born January 30, 1953, has been playing the banjo for 4 years. He has played with the Easter Brothers and the Green Valley Quartet. Also he has won several talent shows.
With thanks to Bill's Blog who posted this album. As soon I've finished to type the transcription above, I found that the text (as well as the album) was already available HERE!

Note about the album cover : this is a stock cover also used by Rite Records on several other albums unrelated to each others but all titled The Sounds Of... such as :

The Joyful Noise
The Zakons
The Harptones
The Tunesters
The Blackwood Singers


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