Thursday, October 6, 2011

Charlie Moore on Vetco 522 (single)

Charlie Moore

29093 - I'm Leaving Detroit
29094 - Barbara Allen

Vetco 522

Produced by Lou Ukelson


Both songs of this single are taken from the first of the two albums that Charlie Moore recorded for the Vetco label "Charlie Moore Sings Good Bluegrass". These (and other albums featuring Charlie Moore) can be downloaded HERE.

A good Charlie Moore discography available on-line HERE

Charlie Moore
(from the cover of his second Vetco album)

From the Bluegrass Today website :
Charlie was a popular performer in the 1960s and ’70, with his band The Dixie Partners, and as a duo partner with Bill Napier. He recorded prolifically in both formulations, with favorable comparisons offered at the time between his rich, baritone voice and that of Carter Stanley.

Sadly, Charlie faced the same issues with alcohol that took Carter at such an early age. Moore also died young in 1979, at the age of 44, and didn’t live to participate in the more recent growth of bluegrass music.

Travers Chandler is at work on a biography of Charlie Moore, likely the first to be compiled for this influential bluegrass artist.


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