Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Fabulous Bill Todd (The Quiet Boy)

Picture credit : Mark Betcher

"Introducing the Fabulous Bill Todd (The Quiet Boy)"

Essay 14891/14892

Produced by Arvey Webster


You can listen to one of the tracks at "Appearing In The Motel Lounge", a Mark Betcher blog, HERE
"Obscure solo LP featuring Todd, his guitar and the occasional early drum machine rhythm."

The formation of Essay Productions in Dayton, Ohio, « new recording firm, using both the Alco and Essay label signatures » was announced in Billboard (May 15, 1965). With offices located at 1610 Alexandersville Road, the firm has plans for establishing a branch office in the Paddock Center, Cincinnati, at a later date »

« Heading up the new company are songwriter Arvey Webster ; Sonny Flaharty, former Decca and Epic recording artist, and Robert Dye and David Bartholemew, presently engaged in the sound recording business. Webster will handle the bulk of the A&R work for the labels, with Flaharty in charge of production. Dye will serve as chief engineer and Bartholemew as art director »

« Essay sessions have been skedded for comedian Clarence ‘Crazy’ Loos and a Chicago duo, Wager and Carroll »


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