Sunday, October 9, 2011

Robert G. Kiko, Massillon song(poem) writer (Sterling 585)

Norm Burns and the Five Stars

27841 – Hard Head (Charles Starr & Lew Tobin, ASCAP)
27842 – Star Bright (Robert G. Kiko & Lew Tobin)

Sterling 585

Arranger : Roger Baker


<--- Massillon song writer Robert G. Kiko holding the record "Proud Town," a song about Wilmot and the Wilderness center (Preview Records 1990)

Robert G. Kiko, 53, a custodian at Lorin Andrews junior high school, wanted to write lyrics for he had been thinking of doing records. Two of his records recently were sent to disc jockeys across the country. Another is being waxed.

His friends encouraged him to publish some of his poetry. Kiko has written a lot of poetry. Along with fishing and traveling, poetry has been a way to relax for him. He began writing poetry while in the Air Force in 1941 and he hasn’t stopped. Back in Massillon after the war, Kiko wrote poetry and used to leave it on desks of teachers.

Miss Edna Dix, an English teacher at Lorin Andrews, encouraged Kiko to do something with his poetry, he said. After talking it over with his wife, Anne, he wrote away to four or five record companies.

His first record, « Star Bright, » is a song about our times.

« I don’t expect to be a rich man over it, » Kiko said about his newly realized dream.

[Above information is edited from an article published in the Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, January 26, 1972]


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