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We Together in Concert

We Together Singers

We Together in Concert
Recorded live at the University of Notre Dame Stepan Center - May 6th, 1973

32191 Side One
Love's A Comin' / Open The Door / Give A Damn / Rocky Mountain High / In The Ghetto / Narration / I Believe In Music

32192 Side Two
Day Is Gone / Sunshine On My Shoulder / Look And See / When The Morning Comes / My Cup Runneth Over / Hope, Pass It On

The group’s founder, Tom Downs, was youth director for the Catholic churches in the area and a graduate student at Notre Dame. He left for Davenport, Iowa, one year after the formation of We Together.

Now living near Orlando, Fla., Downs, 73, who formed similar groups in three other cities, credited the assistance of Don and Rosemary Clifford, who still live in South Bend, in the creation of We Together.


Toni Dunlap, of South Bend, was a sophomore at Adams High School in 1978 when she joined the group.
She said the group’s size ranged from 50 to 80 members, ages 14 to 20.
“We sang at churches, nursing homes, parades, ethnic festivals, Camp Millhouse and even the Stepan Center (at the University of Notre Dame),” she said.

Along the way the group recorded six vinyl albums

From Encore from We Together singers, article by Kirby Sprouls, published in the South Bend Tribune, August 7, 2011

From the back cover, credited singers and musicians are :
Carmella Adamo
Pat Adamo
Alan Blasczyk
Michele Blasko
Terri Buton
Bonni Carter
Kathy Conners
Sur Crassy
Sally Dawson
Jan DuBois
Becky Echard
Frank Ellis
Jim Flahaven
Jerri Garth
Lu Gerstbauer
John Gibney
Ed Goerke
Colleen Haggenjos
Mark Haggenjos
Colleen Hall
Russell Hatcher
Maureen Helmer
David Hill
Kathy Jackimiak
Pam Jackimiak
Jill Jump
Pam Kalamaja
Beth Keefe
Tina Kintz
Brenda Kiser
Mary Kowalski
Carol Lowe
Denisa Lynk
Kevin McGraw
Chuck Mueller
Peggy Myers
Bob McNeir
Mary Nowacki
Bridig O’Hara
Dan Pedtke
Michele Pfeiffer
Anne Ritter
Bill Ritter
Mary Ann Roberts
Ruth Roberts
Leigh Ann Robison
Brian Strebinger
Marcia Strebinger
Mark Strebinger
Paul Strebinger
Larry Tobolski
Giselle Urruti
Judy Vanderheyden
Steve Verleye
Bob Ward
Jim Ward
Douglas Watkins
Kurt Wearner
Kathy Weiss
Tom Williams
Frank Wiltrout
Ann Wolz
Car Wolz
Tom Wroblewski
Nancy Xaver

Keving Bland
Michael Elliott
Judy Gisnewski
Marion Huke
Dan Jones
Keving Kellogg
Bobby Miller
Betty Jane Muellner
Michael Muellner
Kevin Sherbun

Bongo Larry Lehner

Maracas Julie Gerschoffer

Tambourine Steve Rodick

Stepan Center is Notre Dame's most versatile multi-purpose facility. The 21,000 square foot venue is located on the northeast corner of campus, north of Flanner and Grace Halls on Stepan Drive.

Built in 1962, the facility was constructed as one of the first geodesic domed facilities in the nation -- to date, it remains one of the most unique structures in the world.

While you will not find very many geodesic domed facilities these days, you will also rarely find a facility with such flexibility as hosting events like: major concerts, ethnic festivals, sporting events, sports club winter training, service club recreation area, ROTC training, and Mass. Stepan Center also serves as Notre Dame's largest available venue for academic exams.


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