Saturday, September 17, 2011

King Tut on Starline

King Tut

7593 - Twisting at Little Big Horn
7594 - Shorter Hours In School

Starline Records #1001

359 Warren St.
Flint, Michigan


Starline Records was owned by Robert L. Cloud.

Bob Cloud previously had two labels in Flint, Michigan : Deal (The Dealers, 1958) and Colt 45 (1959). He also owned Mayflower Publishing.

Jerry Tuttle played organ, piano, steel guitar or saxophone on many Nashville sessions, on records by Joe Tex ,Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison,Jerry Lee Lewis,Tony Joe White. He was also a songwriter and producer : Monumental Funk (Grand Funk Railroad). He was in the seventies in studio bands recording hits of the day by the score on Spar Records (The New Generation) and probably many others.

February 1957 : Jerry Tuttle backed the Campbell Trio on the custom Van label.
Jerry Tuttle, Hawaiian Accomp. says the label
Picture credit : Malcom Chapman

Narvel Felts band
Jerry Tuttle, second from left

Missourian Jerry Tuttle played saxophone and piano in Jerry Mercer's band, the Roving Cowboys, in 1956. Narvel Felts later joined playing upright bass when he wasn’t singing. After Mercer married and quit the music business the band was renamed Narvel Felts and the Rockets.

The Gators on Dot Records

On Dot Records, under his own name, he had a release in 1960 : Tweedle-O-Twill / Bop Goes the Weasel (Dot 16093) and, as member of The Gators, another release in 1961 : Sunburst / Canadian Moonlight.


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  1. My father Jim Minor and Bob CLoud were owners of Colt 45 records and they owned Mayflower publishing. THey ran a talent and promo agency out of Flint and brought major talent to Mercury records like Jimmy Edwards and Connie Dycus. Todd Minor (Jim's Son). Jim sold out to Bob In 1961.