Friday, September 30, 2011

Tropical LP 104

Tropical 104
Box 1987, Ormond Beach, Fla.

10" LP

I'm Too Shy (Jack Dupont, Joe Pennypacker)
Got To Have A Little (John Morwin)
I Talk To Your Picture (Ted Vassos, Rex Bell)
The Dream Is Gone (Ray Pendergraft)
Who Who Who (Joseph McGovern)
I'm Gonna Help Myself (Cecil Burridge)

Angel In Blue (Leila Asies)
Golden Canoe (Chas. K. Livess, Harry Sokalis)
I'm A Freshmen (Ken Hughes, Joe Pennypacker)
Sinner's Sea (Emary S. Pack)
The Day That We Married (E Adeline Wright)
Picture Window View (Mark Winegar, Richard Mack)

December 1961

A song-poem LP sampler. One of the first release on Bob Quimby's Tropical label. No artist listed.

The only "familiar" name here is Joe Pennypacker who penned "Rockin' On A Reindeer" as sung by Harry Lee on Igloo (a label out of Alaska, owned by Hill Mathis).


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