Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ronnie Byrd & The Nashville Echos

Ronnie Byrd & The Nashville Echos

31229 – I Don't Love Her Anymore
wr. Helen Cockran & Pam Stump

31230 - Hickory Tea
wr. Ronnie Byrd

Both published by Powhatan Music

Dominion Records

Produced by Dominion Records and C. & M. Talent Agency , Inc . Salem Va.




  1. The Dominion label was associated with the New Dominion Barn Dance from Virginia, which new version of the Old Dominion Barn Dance. It was founded to promote the artists on the show. So I bet Byrd was on the Barn Dance in the 1970s.

  2. Thanks Mellow for your input.

    But I think this Dominion label is not related to the Dominion Barn Dance.

    Another label called New Dominion Barn Dance out of Richmond,Virginia pressed by King Custom Records, on the contrary, was certainly related to the Barn Dance.

    Hence perhaps the confusion?