Sunday, September 5, 2010

R. Smith and the Caveman Band

Vocal by R. Smith and the Caveman Band


CP- 6621 ~ These Old Hills

CP- 6622 ~ White Rose Gal
(wr Ned Williams)


My guess is that R. Smith is Roger Smith whose name popped up on various labels such as Claudra, Red Bird, AFS (57), Air (59-60), Star-X and Jerome (61). All these recordings, like this release on Caveman, are song-poem recordings.

Some are attempts to rock and roll, but the results are always contrived, not preventing their inclusion on RnR compilation. See Rockin' Country Style.

Was he also the vocalist doing "Because Of You" on the budget label Prom Hit backed by the Scott Brady (a.k.a. Enoch Light) and his Orchestra in the mid-fifties? Was he recording as vocalist of a big band before WW II? Probably.

The Caveman label was located in Wolf Lake, Illinois. See ASPMA.


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  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for linking to my site - I found you through the fact that you linked, too, and just listened to these - they're among the best, weirdest tracks I've heard in a long time! Can't get 'em out ofmy head!