Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh My God, They Baked His Face

LP Oh My God, They Baked His Face
Rite 30207 / 30208

The third LP in a series of albums made by University Of Rhode Island students & featuring a variety of musical styles, mostly folk. 500 copies were pressed.

* Another Day; John Armitage & Jim Mitchell
* Someday Brother; Valerie & Kenneth Southern
* Greensleeves; Rick Cyge
* March Song; Bruce Foulke
* Please Don't Go; John Dyson
* Any Day Woman; Rick Cyge & Lev Wharton
* Spring Song; Sue Gifford, Jean Martin, Dori Littman, Dave Tornquist
* Circle Go Round; Vinne Petronio'
* Michael; Valerie Southern
* Anyway You Want It; Sweet Rush (John Hyland, Fred Brome, Fred Macarri, Paul Henry, Tony Foley)


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