Friday, September 3, 2010

Capris on Destiny


Destiny 500

CP-4353 ~ Ballad of a Dee Jay

CP-4354 ~ Comanche


First release on the label. Destiny Records was owned By Robert Sellers and run from a location in downtown Lorain that was shared with WWIZ Radio. Most of the records were recorded at Audio recording.

Bob Sellers had a morning radio show on WWIZ AM/1380, on which he was known as 'Bob Jefferies' or 'B.J. the DJ,' derived from the on-air nickname given him by radio listeners.' Mr. Sellers was "well-known as a local disk jockey 'The Polka King' and was a talent manager in the 1960's." He operated a popular cocktail lounge in downtown Lorain at the same time.

Label discography :

Guitarist Ron Zehel, co-writer of "Comanche" was a member of Ronnie and the Rainbows (on Landa and Clevetown) and later of The Showmen on Soul Kitchen.

Ron Zehel eventually ran a chain of music stores bearing his name.


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