Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rocken Breed

Rocken Breed with Bill Turner vocal

Karmony Ltd.

30351 - Lady Lady
(wr. Gene Toennisson)

30352 - She Tells Her Lies

Arranged by David Sams & Bill Turner

Rite account # 5561

Dave Sams

I've tracked down recently one of the group member, Dave Sams, and here is what he recalls :
It was recorded at a four track studio in Fairfield, Ohio that was owned by Frank Ruhl. He owned a business selling British sports cars, Karmony Ltd. For him this was strictly a hobby project. There was never any distribution, no airplay, as far as I know none were ever sold. My cousin Gene Toennisson wrote the songs. He had just been drafted and was away. Bill Turner sang, the drummer, I can't remember - he was a session player. I played bass and guitar and did harmony vocals, Frank Ruhl was the engineer and he did the session for free. The Band played only a few gigs and not long after the recording I too was drafted. Years have passed, I have some of Gene's songs on my web site

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