Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dynamic Encores

Barc 101a
Ronny Hart
The Dynamic Encores
13161 - La La La La La (Clarence Paul, Jobete Music, BMI)

Barc 101b
Erin Farley
The Dynamic Encores
13162 - You Don't Know Me (Arnold, Hill and Range, BMI)

Arranged by F. Weiss-G. Moore. Distributed by Turn-Tage Records.
Turn-Tage Records was located at 1802 Creighton Road, Richmond, Virginia and owned by Joseph Turnage.
A-side first recorded by Stevie Wonder on Tamla (62).

Audio sample (both sides)

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  1. That's my father, but he spelt his name Ronnie Hart. I have the original copy. He's now 75 and still playing the drums.