Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hull 1056 and Hull 1060 - Early Mus-I-Col

Gospelaires Quartet - Hull 1056
16631/16632, Rite Acct # 1449, 1966
See images for song titles

Flowers Family - Hull 1060
17073 - Wild And Reckless
17074 - Once Again
Rite Acct #1449, 1966

John Hull started the Musicol (Mus-I-Col) recording studio in his home in Columbus, Ohio in 1965 and within a year moved to a permanent studio. Most of his early recordings were pressed by Rite but in 1969 he acquired the equipment to press records. These two previously undocumented releases are on his own Hull label, however, the Flowers Family 45 appears to have been re-released about a year later on Mus-I-Col 1090.

Most or all of the Rite pressings for Mus-I-Col have OM or O/M on the label or dead wax. I believe I've seen it on some other Rite pressings from about the same time as well. Any good explanation of it's purpose or meaning is much appreciated!

Photos courtesy of Phil Tricker and Malcolm Chapman.

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