Monday, October 26, 2009

Joe Ortego on Du-Go

Joe Ortego

Du-Go 1
[ 1963 ]

11201 - Take A Little Look [L & F 113]
11202 - 20-20 Vision [L & F 112]

Country swamp. LeBlanc and Ortego wrote both sides. Publisher is Neches Music BMI.

Recorded at the L & F recording studio in Port-Arthur.

The L & F Recording Service began in October, 1957 as at 1820 - 7th Street in Port Arthur, Texas. The studio was relocated to 1812 - Procter Steet in October, 1959. The studio was owned and operated then - as it is now - by Lois and Floyd Badeaux.

Renamed Musik Faktory in 1970, the studio is now known as Great Recordings, LLC (Limited Liability Company under the Laws of Texas) since 2008.

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